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The Truth About …GANODERMA

Gene Jose  M.  Dillague, M.D.

Ganoderma lucidum is an ancient Chinese herb revered for many centuries for its exceptional healing properties.  Termed in Japan as REISHI (from the ancient goddess of health, life and eternal youth, Reishi Senshi) and in China as Lingzhi (‘Ling’ means divine gift; ‘chi’ means life force), it is also called the “Herb of Deathlessness” for its reputed ingredients that will make a person live FOREVER.

After its description came its botanical name: Ganos is a Greek word meaning ‘bright’, Derma means ‘skin’ and Lucidum means ‘shining’.  Ganoderma is actually a mushroom; a fleshy fungus of the family Polyporacea, and is a wood decomposer.  The mushroom feeds and nourishes itself from decaying logs.  It prefers to grow in the wild – under shades of trees’ branches and in dim lighting.

Numerous recent researches confirm that Ganoderma contains various active ingredients that have nutraceutical or therapeutic properties. POLYSACCHARIDES, a group of carbohydrates is a major component of Ganoderma, exudes a number of immune system strengthening capacities.  Also, Beta-D-Glucan, which is a kind of polysaccharide, provides dietary fibers that help in colon cleansing.  TRITERPENES on the other hand, are simple lipids of fatty acids that help in facilitating liver detoxification and may have indirect role in balancing hormonal production.

Another major nutraceutical found in the mushroom is ADENOSINE, a nucleotide that provides the core component of the energy-giving chemicals that power our cells.  Ganoderma’s energizing benefits are attributed to the presence of adenosine. It also helps improve the nerve and brain functions in the body.  Ganoderma also contains ORGANIC GERMANIUM, a powerful anti-compound, and LINGZHI-8, a protein compound said to assist in preventing allergic reactions.

Taken regularly, Ganoderma can contribute tremendously in maintaining our optimal well-being.

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